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Keith Kridenoff Gallery

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Keith Kridenoff Gallery

We went to the Enchanted Forest every summer when I was young and it was always the highlight of the year. My cousins and I would run from ride to ride and the park seemed huge. On hot days, we couldn't wait to go through the Seven Dwarves mine as it was always cool in there. Riding the Teacups into Alice in Wonderland was fun as you entered into the cave with the black lights where everything you wore glowed bright. I remember spending at least an hour riding the slide down Mt. Vesuvius over and over and hated finally going through the one way gate knowing we were locked out.

My parents always put me on the Humpty Dumpty wall and i was scared to death as it seemed so high. I was also envious of the kids who had their birthday parties in the Hansel and Gretel house as it looked like the best way to celebrate. We always brought a picnic lunch and in those days you could leave it on a picnic table and nobody would disturb it. Those were much more innocent times. When my wife and I were dating, we found that we both went there when we were little so we couldn't wait for her niece to get old enough to take her. (as an excuse to go!)

On the day in 1985 where these pictures were taken, it was in the upper 90's and we were warned the slides were extremely hot. On every slide, i had to lay on my back and let my niece ride on my stomach to protect her but it was completely worth it. She was 2 then but still talks about it to this day! I was very happy to see all the work that Elioak Farm did to preserve our wonderful park. I have also created a facebook group for former employees and families of the Harrisons and Selbys to share stories of their memories of the park.

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